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    Private Practice in Sport Psychology serving the Rochester, NY area and Beyond

    Dr. Craig Cypher - Sport Psychologist for UR Medicine Fitness Science

    Sport Psychologist

    UR Medicine Orthopaedics and Physical Performance

    Performance Psychology Program

    As of 11/1/2020, Dr. Cypher has joined UR Medicine full time as a Sport Psychologist in the department of Orthopaedics and Physical Performance. In his faculty appointment as Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Dr. Cypher is the first Sport Psychologist to work in sports medicine and serves as the Sport Psychologist and Mindset Training Lead for the UR Medicine Fitness Science program. Fitness Science is a comprehensive athlete development program that combines strength and conditioning, nutrition services, and mindset training to help athletes meet their maximum potential. Fitness Science provides training grounded in research and backed by data collection and evidenced-based practice in collaboration with coaches, athletic training staff, and athletic administration.

    Sports Psychology Services in Rochester NY

    Sport Psychology & Performance Enhancement

    For youth, high school, college, and professional athletes

    Raise Your Mental Game. Reach Your Potential.


    Dr. Cypher is a Sport Psychologist and Certified Mental Performance Consultant®, as administered by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Trained under former United States Olympic Committee Psychologist and former Chicago Bears Sport Psychologist Gloria Balague, Ph.D. and AASP Certified Mental Performance Consultant Kate Hays, Ph.D., Dr. Craig Cypher has a wealth of experience addressing issues related to mental skills for athletes and teams, improving athletic performance, and developing athletes poised to conquer the challenges and stressors related to sports performance. From focus to resilience to confidence to teamwork and communication, Dr. Cypher provides the tools necessary for optimal mental performance in sport.

    Sport Psychology for Injury Recovery

    Psychological Skills for Injury Recovery

    Helping you develop the mental skills you need to be resilient in the face of injury and return to your optimal level of performance

    Sometimes the biggest obstacle to your comeback from injury is the mental one. With complicated injuries in particular, from joint injuries to complicated fractures, the road back to your prime performance can be a challenge. Mental skills training can help you stay focused during your rehabilitation and prepare you to return to competition.

    individual and family therapy for athletes sports rochester ny pittsford ny

    Clinical Services for Athletes

    Individual therapy to help address the off-field issues that impact your success in sports

    Practical, Skills-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD that affect your on-field performance. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Cypher has the skills and experience necessary to address the issues in daily life that impact your sport experience combined with an understanding of how to manage these issues in sport settings.

    Sports Psychology - Concussion Management

    Post-Concussion Therapy for Athletes

    Helping athletes return to competition through Cognitive Behavioral techniques for managing concussion symptoms

    A CBT, Skills-Focused Approach to Concussion Managment


    Managing the effects of concussion can be a challenge for athletes, but Psychological approaches can help you manage both the emotional, physiological, and mental symptoms of concussion. Dr. Craig Cypher's combined expertise in Sport Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral approaches for building regulation and coping skills provides a potent combination that can work for athletes. Dr. Cypher actively consults with Dr. Jeff Bazarian and the University of Rochester Sports Concussion Clinic as well as Dr. Daniel Day and the Rochester Regional Health Concussion Program on psychological issues for athletes recovering for concussion.

    VSee Telehealth Services with Dr. Cypher - Sport Psychology available through telemedicine telehealth telepsychology

    Sport Psychology Services via Telehealth

    Through a HIPAA-compliant environment utilizing Zoom, Dr. Cypher also provides sport psychology services to clients across North America.

    Whether you are interested in sport psychology services but cannot find a sport psychologist in your area, an athlete who travels frequently, or a Rochester or Buffalo based athlete who plays collegiate sports elsewhere, Dr. Cypher can still help you develop the mental skills to perform at your best.. Through a HIPAA-compliant environment through Zoom telehealth, athletes can receive services through secure video conferencing. Additionally, many insurance companies now cover telehealth services.

    Dr. Craig Cypher presenting at TEDxRochester 2013

    Training and Consultation

    Supporting parents, athletic administrators, school staff, and mental health professionals

    Connecting Psychological Science with Real World Challenges.


    Dr. Cypher also works extensively as a trainer and presenter, providing informative and interactive experiences on a number of topics, including the interaction of technology and emotional health, values-based team development, goal setting for sport and life, understanding and managing the roots of stress and pressure, and coach education in youth sport.


    Dr. Craig Cypher - Sport Psychologist

    Craig Cypher, Psy.D., CMPC

    Sport Psychologist - Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Cypher is a Sport and Clinical Psychologist with UR Medicine Orthopaedics and Physical Performance. His office as part of UR Medicine Performance Psychology is located at 2064 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road in Penfield, NY. Dr. Cypher is the only New York State Licensed Psychologist in the Greater Rochester area to also be recognized as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant®, as administered by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Dr. Cypher has over a decade of experience working as a psychologist with youth, high school, college, and professional athletes and their families. He is also an Assistant Professor of Clinical Orthopaedics at the University of Rochester Medical Center, where he serves as a Sport Psychologist, heads up Performance Psychology within the department, and is the Lead of the Mindset Training program for UR Medicine Fitness Science, a multidisciplinary program for holistic athlete development. Dr. Cypher is a member of the American Psychological Association's Division for Sport, Exercise, and Peformance Psychology, the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and is listed in the Sport Psychology Registry for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee.. Dr. Cypher's expertise in sport psychology includes mental skills for elite performance, psychological aspects of injury recovery, and clinical issues for athlete populations. Dr. Cypher currently works with individual athletes, teams, and athletic organizations in the Rochester, NY area and throughout North America. His philososphy is that Sport Psychology services can help athletes and teams the optimal mindset for performance, including the key skills of focus, resilience, confidence, and teamwork.

    2064 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road - Click for Directions

    Office Location:

    2064 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road

    Penfield NY

    Dr. Cypher's office is located at the URMC Sports Medicine complex at 2064 Fairport Nine Mile Point Road in Penfield, NY. This location is conveniently accessible for athletes and performers in the Greater Rochester area and Finger Lakes Region.


    Certain forms of insurance may be utilized to pay for services that are deemed to be medically necessary. Please contact the URMC Access Center at (585)341-9200 for more information.

    American Psychological Association Division 47

    Member of APA Division 47 & AASP

    American Psychological Association - Society for Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

    The Association for Applied Sport Psychology

    Association for Applied Sport Psychology - Certified Mental Performance Consultant

    Certified Mental Performance Consultant®

    As administered by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology


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